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it’s finally late fall and it’s starting to get really chilly here, especially at 8:30 on sunday mornings when we are tailgating for giants games. since we go to every game i’ve finally got a routine down and thought it could be helpful to share with you my tricks of how i stay warm at football games in the colder months.

i refuse to be the girl who complains about being cold so it’s all about layering, ladies! oh and these bad boys – you’ll definitely want to invest in hand warmers each game – two for your hands, two for your feet.

check out all my tips after the jump!

so this is what you need to think about:

tailgate ready

1. a puffer jacket. seriously you will thank me. opt for a size that allows you to fit layers underneath and look for one with down if you can. the feathers will keep you warmer than just regular cotton. otherwise that’s fine too.

2. skinny jeans. get a pair that fit tights underneath and that tuck easily and comfortably into a pair of…

3. boots. leather not suede (so if it’s rainy or snowy you don’t destroy your boots, and when there’s salt in the parking lot you can simply wipe them off). fit thick socks and tights in them as well as jeans. jeans in your boots will stay warmer than exposed keeping you warmer.

4. heavy socks. like, ski socks. i usually wear a pair of regular running socks underneath too. hey – you can always take them off if it’s too warm!

5. layers on top – tank top, long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. this is where i’m going to say rock the cashmere. jcrew has great cashmere pieces that last, and lord & taylor always has sales on their cashmere. it’s a warmer fabric so you can get away with thinner and less layers. of course you can opt for non cashmere but just make sure your layers are heavy and warm enough for you.

6. a scarf and ear muffs.

7. leather gloves. not cotton. the wind and wet goes right through them. you could wear a thin pair of silk ski gloves underneath too when it’s really cold and windy.

my last piece of advice is this – make sure you have a blanket (stadium seats are cold until your body warms them up, and it can help break up the wind inside the stadium) and wear as few layers in the parking lot as you can comfortably get away with. if you are freezing in the parking lot and have nothing to put on when you get inside you’ll be freezing the entire time.

oh and the handwarmers! one in each glove, one in each boot!

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