Mixed Berry Cobbler Dessert Recipe

Get ready for this one, friends! You will not believe how easy this dessert is and how simple it is to pull together. If you are in a pinch, need a quick idea, or just want to shake it up a little, try these mixed berry cobblers for dessert! Don’t let a crumbly topping scare you away from this one – it’s easy, promise! And the filling is literally just berries and sugar. C’est tout!

I served these hot, out of the oven and topped with fresh whipped cream. The whipped cream melted into the cobblers and it was simply lovely.

The cobbler topping baked into the sweet berries and gave a little saltiness and a little crunch that mixed so well with the baked berries.

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Recipe

What would a meatless dinner party be without some roasted veggies?! There’s something about roasted veggies that can get very boring very quickly, but I am totally loving these balsamic roasted veggies – they are so easy!

These literally require 2 ingredients. Okay four, because you’ll want to salt and pepper to taste. Can you even believe that these veggies only require a few ingredients and they are so, so good!

I opted to garnish this dish with parmesan and balsamic glaze, but you can totally forgo a garnish and just get straight to it. Honestly, if you use a good mixture of vegetables it will be so colorful you won’t even really need a garnish. But, this year I put finishing dishes off with fresh herbs and citrus on my bucket list – I’ve been so good about it! I chop up a little parsley and squeeze lemon or lime on almost all our dinners. It really does up the ante – but, I digress.

25 Minute Mushroom Risotto Recipe

I can’t pinpoint the exact date or even year I had risotto for the first time, but I remember the restaurant – Janice’s Bistro. I think it had scallops. It was a revelation.

It was creamy, soft, hot, cheesy and a flavor I can remember so distinctly every time I think of that first time I had risotto. Continuing on this week’s theme of a meatless party, I felt like a risotto really needed to be the star of the show. Plus – you all know how much I love a you-do-you-boo recipe – and this is 100% that.

If you’ve had risotto before, this is so easy, it’s just very hands on. In fact, everything else needs to be done while this risotto is cooking and all of your ingredients need to be ready to go and just an arm’s length away. But with the right prep, and some solid gut instinct, risotto can be on your table in 25 minutes. It’s so fast, in fact, that you could make it for a weeknight dinner for family! Who doesn’t want to come home after a long day at work to a special treat?!

How to Roast Shishito Peppers with 3 Ingredients

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never noticed shishito peppers in the grocery store before. Then, hubby and I went out with friends to a ramen place and we had blistered shishito peppers for an appetizer – I’ve been hooked ever since! And I’ve been actually noticing the peppers at the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s.


Did you know: 1 in 10 shishito peppers are very spicy? The rest are just warm. And when they’re blistered, they make the most excellent vehicle for salt. Yep, these little guys are just an excuse for me to eat some salt. Because if you follow me on the ‘gram, you know I’m 100% obsessed with salt. In fact, I’ve got about 10 or 11 types of salt in my cabinet. #psycho

These cook up super fast – they puff, blister, and deflate. You can eat it in one bite and really do you here! You can season it up with anything! I used a Mexican spiced salt that I bought when I was in Mexico last year, and unfortunately it doesn’t have the ingredients in it. I’ve grabbed a few options for different salts I would try on these below.

Mushroom Bruschetta Toasts Recipe

When we were traveling to Paris for New Years, we had a layover at Heathrow airport in London. It was one of those layovers that’s so long and you aren’t really sure what you’re going to do with yourself for so many hours, but not long enough that you could actually leave the airport and have a visit in London. Next time, eh?

While we were in London, I had the most incredible mushroom toast. It was the kind of breakfast-lunch-brunch dish that has had me jonesing for round two ever since! The meatyness of the mushrooms with the creaminess of the butter and the crunch of the bread…don’t mind me while I day dream about it for the next few minutes.

This month, we’ve been trying to eat a little bit lighter, so if you’ve joined us for a dinner party this month you’ll likely 1. have had this and 2. have had some meatless dishes. All week this week I’m sharing some of my fav meatless dishes for entertaining, so stay tuned! I love this as a nice little starter, especially when the bread is toasted in butter. I mean. It’s just sheer perfection for absolutely any topping.

I throw a pat of butter in a pan over medium heat and let these little guys soak up all that creamy, buttery goodness until they’re golden brown. I love when you can actually take a bite of bruschetta, and when you toast up the bread this way, the butter soaks into the center and makes it softer to take a bite.

How to Make Stove Top Popcorn

News Alert: We don’t own a microwave. When we bought our house four years ago, we never got ourselves a microwave. A few years later, we still don’t have a microwave and either enjoy left overs cold or just use the stove top or oven. So needless to say, popcorn isn’t necessarily a go-to around our house. Recently, I’ve started making popcorn on the stove top, and let me tell you – it’s wonderful!

Stove top popcorn is really quite easy and doesn’t require anything fancy, although you could get a popcorn pot. I love making popcorn myself because I can control all the ingredients plus I can make whatever flavor I want. And, it really does come together quickly!

All you need is a lightweight pot that you can easily shake, which needs to have a lid; popcorn kernels; olive oil or butter; salt. That’s it!

Cranberry Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

Oh how I love bone-in-skin-on chicken leg quarters. Talk about flavor. And when you serve them up with roasted garlic and some crusty bread? Perfection.

You could certainly skip the whole cranberry thing, but I do like the tartness of the cranberries in the dish. They add an extra step, but you can certainly prep them the day before you make these chicken leg quarters.

The fresh herbs, the lemon juice, the garlic – mmmm! When you layer in flavors, and go the extra step, it really gives your dish some body – perhaps, we might say, a leg to stand on? I’ll be here all week.

Sheet Pan Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

I love a quick recipe. One that’s good, quick, but still really good. Not really the ones that I end up with lunch where it’s basically 5 random ingredients thrown into a bowl that we call a “salad.” This is coming from a place of complete dissatisfaction with my salad I had while writing this. It wasn’t good.

But this salad, this salad is good. And if you wanna be a little lazy and call it rustic, it’s perfection.

Once you’ve roasted the sweet potatoes and allowed them to cool just a bit, this salad comes together so fast. And it’s yet another you-do-you-boo recipe! Of course, any salad can be adjusted to your liking. And I will always recommend more cheese than is actually necessary.

3 Favorite Cookbooks for Light Cooking

Every year, the entire world (it seems) makes a resolution that sounds a lot like: eat healthier, eat lighter, cook more at home, lose weight, reset my diet, and the terrifying, dry January.

I’ll admit, my resolutions up until this year sounded a whole lot like that until I changed it up and made my resolutions a Bucket List, which you can read about here in more detail. One of my key ones, which is just for January, is a no-repeat dinner. It’s been a challenge so far and we’re only 8 days in! While I am aiming to cook lighter at home in general, I’m also aiming to learn a few new dishes and what better way than to really shake up what we eat for dinner all month?!

Here are my favorite cookbooks to help you stay on track with your lighter eating resolutions, or if you want to join me on a no-repeat dinner month!

  1. Food 52’s Mighty Salads

So, everything Food52 does is my favorite – they really never ever steer you wrong. This salad cookbook is one of my all time favorites, especially for a reset type month such as January. It has so many great ideas, and let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for a soft boiled egg on anything. While you might not want to get into the whole salad-for-dinner movement (my husband isn’t so thrilled when I serve one up for dinner), but there’s a ton of ideas for your lunch!

Sauteed String Beans with Everything Bagel Seasoning

Beyond the obvious avocado toast or scrambled eggs, have you ever wondered how to use Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning? I was in the store recently, buying yet another bottle of the stuff, and the cashier told me she makes string beans with lemon and tops it with the seasoning. Brilliant!

I have to admit, there are only a few ways that I really enjoy string beans. Okay, honestly, there’s 2. This way and when my mother in law makes them with mashed potatoes – like, straight up mixed in with the mashed potatoes, it’s my favorite.