Holiday Entertaining Essentials: Music

Whenever we host a gathering, I like to think about how I can set the mood and music is always a part of that planning. Putting together a great playlist is a wonderful way to set the tone for your celebration and only takes a little bit of uninterrupted thinking. With just a week until Christmas Eve,  I’ve started to put together the music we’ll play for our guests during our celebration.

When I put together a playlist there are a three things I like to consider:

  • What time of day is the gathering? If it’s day-to-evening like our Christmas Eve celebration will be, I start a playlist with up-beat music and shift into low key music for dinner and after.
  • How long do I expect to be entertaining? I try to include as many songs as I can to cover the time we’ve invited our guests..
  • Who will be joining us? Hubby and I love country music, but not all of our guests do. I try to make sure I include music I know everyone will enjoy.

Here is our Christmas playlist you can subscribe to on Spotify – I’ll be editing and adding music to it over the next week. I’m always rearranging my playlists as I listen to see if I like the way the songs transition. I know. A little crazy.

Happy listening!

two years

today is mine and my boyfriend’s 2 year anniversary. i can’t believe it’s been so long, while on the other hand i can’t believe it’s been such a short amount of time. i’m so proud of everything we’ve been through and how our relationship has grown stronger every single day. with every breath, i love you more, sweetheart. here’s to the next year.

this year, sparkle for less

i’m all about finishing off an outfit with a necklace. to me, it’s the most obvious accessory to add to your look that adds that finishing touch showing you put just a smidge extra effort in.

i am also all about anything that sparkles, shimmers or glitters. seriously – if it does any of those things, i’ll take two. here are my favorite necklaces that will add some sparkle to your look this holiday season – for less!

sparkle for less

winter skin care: beauty

over the past two weeks, we’ve talked about caring for your face and your body in the winter. now it’s time to talk about beauty – i promise this is the last one. when you are talking about every day makeup, i think it should be quick. some people say 5 minutes, i say 3. i don’t like to take too much time on makeup every day, so i’ve gotten myself down to a few key steps that ensure i still look polished and put together for the office.
when it comes to winter makeup, i want to make sure i get a dewy look with rosy cheeks to look invigorated, awake and basically ready to conquer the world – but fast.

here are my picks and tips to get on with it in the morning.

winter skin care: beauty

1. murad bb cream. i’ve tried a few and i love this because it has a little extra something to give you a dewy foundation. i’ve certainly been known to skip step 2 and go out of the house in just this but in the winter….

2. it’s good to have extra moisturizer, so i gravitate towards a tinted one, like this from smashbox. always opt for spf – even in the winter the sun can damage your skin.

3. a flushed cheek is perfect year long, but i particularly like it in the winter. i love when i go outside and come back in my cheeks have a rosy glow from the cold. i love the contrast on paler, winter skin. i love this cream blush from nyx in red – yes red. highly recommend it ladies, but you only need a little – I REPEAT A LITTLE – otherwise you will just look like a streetwalker.

4. finally, a quick swipe of mascara on the top and bottom. whatever you like, i just happen to like shocking from YSL. i go for black for a little more drama.

giving thanks

thanksgiving is a time to stop and recognize all the things we are thankful for. just think how happy and grateful you could be all year long if you stopped to do this every week – what about every day? just like valentine’s day, every day should be a day for thanks (like every day should be a day for love).

what about starting a new tradition today? right here, right now. start giving thanks every week.

i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving – lots of love to you and yours! xoxo

i am thankful for my health, my family, my family’s health, my loving relationship, my job and YOU!