Hailey Matesic is a food blogger, wifey and dog mom, living in the suburbs of New York City. herlongwayhome has been quite the journey, starting – and stopping a lot – since 2009. But let’s take it back to when it all really started, circa 1996.

Hailey remembers hosting her first dinner for family in 6th or 7th grade, when home ec was still a thing in schools. It is when her love of cooking for gatherings really started, serving up a sausage rice casserole and banana cream pie. It was about that time Hailey thought she wanted to be a chef, go to culinary school, but also a writer, and also a photographer. Life has a funny way of bringing things full circle, and now Hailey is cooking, writing and photographing – living out the dreams of a 6th or 7th grader.

herlongwayhome is a place where you can find recipes that make a meal a true event. Each week, new posts are published that are designed to work together to form a menu for entertaining friends and family. Take them one at a time or all together!


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