Boozy Peanut Butter Dalgona

Did you even quarantine if you haven’t made a Dalgona? I’ll tell you what – you haven’t lived if you haven’t made these boozy peanut butter dalgonas!

I had been putting off making a Dalgona for what feels like months because, seriously, everyone is doing it and what can I show you that you hadn’t seen already? And then, I thought, maybe this would work with that peanut butter whiskey sitting on our bar. I can tell you, it does. Oh boy, does it ever.

How to Make an Irish Godfather (Cocktail)

Leave it to St. Paddy’s day to be the perfect excuse to drink some whiskey all for the sake of research. Really guys, happy to take one for the team here to bring you a fun cocktail! Enter: Irish Godfather Cocktails.

My first introduction to this cocktail was with my family, exchanging stories about our grandfather just after he passed away early this year. My grandparents have always enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail, every day, and it’s really a family tradition I can get behind. My grandmother told us the only way she’d drink whiskey is with a splash of amaretto on top. Genius, she is! And then she was like, “Hailey. It’s a thing. It’s called the Godfather!”