kitchen essentials: the perfect chef’s knife

if you have to have a bare-bones kitchen for whatever reason, there are few things you truly need – a baking sheet, a sautee pan, a sauce pot, a non-wood cutting board and a good knife. read: you don’t necessarily need a set of knives, but just one really good one that becomes your best friend. as your chef-like abilities grow, you’ll add fancier things, like grating planes and marble cutting boards and a whole slew of knives; one thing will always remain – your trusty chef knife.

forget those knives that claim to cut through pennies – i mean, who is really cutting through pennies anyway?

this chef’s knife from victorinox (our friends who make the classic swiss army knife, just in case you don’t know) is the only knife you’ll ever need, and the one that will be by your side from your first day in the kitchen with your basic recipes through that piece de resistance.

one of the most beautiful things about this knife? it’s price point. $38 for this bad boy!

so if you don’t believe me, you can check out this chart from cook’s illustrated & pick up your own copy for a great review about chef’s knives and their 2 month test to find the best bargain buy chef’s knife. i was just SO excited to see MY favorite knife there i had to tell you guys to go out and get one for yourself.

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note – this knife has the highest ratings possible for blade design, handle, kitchen tasks, and edge retention.

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