2019 Bucket List

I’m not a fan of “Resolutions.” They feel like rules, and I’m not really a fan of rules, and then I just know I’ll end up not sticking with them, so I don’t really like to make them. This year, I decided to just change the way I think about Resolutions by giving them a new feel – bucket list.

So, I’m starting off 2019 thinking about my 2019 Bucket List. It feels to me not as stringent as the almighty Resolution, and more fun, so I made my list comprise of 8 Bucket List items.

etsy find: 2013 calendars

now that we’ve survived the end of the world and christmas has passed (i do hope you received everything you dreamed of!) it’s on to the next celebration – 2013!

a new year brings lots of new things: resolutions, writing a new year on your checks, resurgence of honey boo boo and calendars. growing up, i swear i had either a paris calendar or an audrey hepburn calendar every. single. year. and they were definitely the same 12 pictures. this year i’m thinking i want something a little different, maybe something a little special? enter etsy – one of the few places that could fulfill such a request.

the question is – do you go for one big calendar? a perpetual calendar? a desktop calendar? a tear away regular size calendar? the possibilities could, in theory and in practice, be endless. nonetheless, here are my top 5 etsy calendar picks:

2013 etsy calendars

i || ii || iii || iv || v