Sunday Habits

I’ve gotta share my not-so-guilty pleasure with you guys. Podcasts. I’m so completely hooked. One of my favorites is Gretchen Rubin‘s Happier Podcast. (You might know her from the book Happiness Project.)

Starting to listen to Happier has made me practice self awareness, recognizing my personality (totally a rebel, spot on, Gretchen!) and basically hack myself to be more productive.

One thing I’ve started in 2018 is a Sunday routine. I’ve been referring it to a routine or habits rather than “rules” because, as you can imagine (even without taking the personality quiz yourself), if I’m calling myself a rebel, rules are not a thing for me. I’m like, yeah, no thanks. RULES. Psh.

But this new Sunday Habit Routine thingy is totally working. In fact, I’m finding it challenging to fall asleep because I’m so prepared for Monday, I have nothing to stress about as I fall asleep.


I wanted to share my new routine with you because maybe it will help keep those Sunday Blues at bay and anxiety away. This routine is really helping my Monday anxiety and even throughout the week. Being a little more self aware is helping me recognize triggers and how I can stay ahead of it.