Thanksgiving Playlist

The food is bought and prepped. The table is set. The wine is chilled. The turkey is roasting away in the oven. Don’t forget about the music!

Here’s our Thanksgiving 2018 playlist. If you follow it on your own Spotify, you can ask Alexa to play it by just saying, “Alexa, play my Thanksgiving 2018 playlist on Spotify!”

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


Holiday Entertaining Essentials: Music

Whenever we host a gathering, I like to think about how I can set the mood and music is always a part of that planning. Putting together a great playlist is a wonderful way to set the tone for your celebration and only takes a little bit of uninterrupted thinking. With just a week until Christmas Eve,  I’ve started to put together the music we’ll play for our guests during our celebration.

When I put together a playlist there are a three things I like to consider:

  • What time of day is the gathering? If it’s day-to-evening like our Christmas Eve celebration will be, I start a playlist with up-beat music and shift into low key music for dinner and after.
  • How long do I expect to be entertaining? I try to include as many songs as I can to cover the time we’ve invited our guests..
  • Who will be joining us? Hubby and I love country music, but not all of our guests do. I try to make sure I include music I know everyone will enjoy.

Here is our Christmas playlist you can subscribe to on Spotify – I’ll be editing and adding music to it over the next week. I’m always rearranging my playlists as I listen to see if I like the way the songs transition. I know. A little crazy.

Happy listening!

thoughts provoked

one of the songs i posted in my october playlist over the weekend, brandi carlile’s that wasn’t me, has been stuck in my head all week. there’s this one line – do i make myself a blessing to everyone i meet? – that is resonating with me. it’s such a great perspective to take on your life and who you want to become.

i think when you’re in your 20’s, and i’m just days away from my late 20’s (which i think starts at 27 so this is the BIG ONE), that you really blossom into the woman you are going to be. there are of course traces of her throughout the years and at certain milestones, but now it’s becoming set in stone.

when i went away to college, my mother said to me, if you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right. i sort of internalized that at 17 and have always carried that with me until now. i vowed to tell my children the same, but i think someday this line is going to have to be added to the list of things i want to bestow upon my children – be a blessing to every one you meet. you dedicate yourself, your life, to being someone who is kind and generous and loving. what could be better than that?

the perfect october playlist

something you may not know about me, or you might, is that i love music. i mean LOVE it. all caps – that kind of love. i love exploring new bands, albums, genres. if it’s got a beat, i’ll probably like it.

so, i’ve curated a list of fantastic songs that just sound like fall to me and really round out a weekend. listen to it in the order that this playlist has been made in. i worked really hard on it to have good transitions. and if this isn’t totally your cup of tea, give it a shot. you never know, it might surprise you!

you can subscribe to the spotify playlist here.

have a great weekend, pups!


1. zz ward – put the gun down

2. fun. – some nights

3. the wallflowers – reboot the mission

4. needtobreathe – drive all night

5. delta rae – bottom of the river

6. eric church – creepin’

7. the lumineers – ho hey

8. little big town – tornado

9. grace potter & the nocturnals – stars

10. brandi carlile – that wasn’t me

11. ray lamontagne – for the summer

12. jason mraz – i won’t give up