Beef Empanadas Recipe

You didn’t think we’d talk about cocktail party recipes, like this and this, and not talk about empanadas, did you?! I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! These empanadas have been crowd pleasers lately, especially with the aioli I shared with  you in the chicken thigh tapas post!

These empanadas use puff pastry as the shell, which give a lovely crunchy, buttery and almost sweetness to the empanadas. And there are 2 secret ingredients that make it interesting – keep reading!

Spanish Tapas Chicken Thighs Recipe

Are you a grazer? I totally am, and would prefer to have snacky, appetizer-type food any day, which of course means I’m such a sucker for a cocktail party.

This chicken thigh recipe has been on repeat in our house, having made it at least 4 times for 4 different cocktail parties. I will tell you, it does work with chicken breast, but this dish is nowhere close to as good as it is when you use the chicken thighs. There’s no oil, though, so it evens out – right?


The flavor in this is out of this world, too. The paprika and garlic make the loveliest combination, and the chicken comes out so juicy. A little squeeze of lemon (or lime) and the fresh chopped parsley really bring a brightness to the dish. You can serve it with an aioli or sour cream or nothing at all. And don’t worry, won’t judge you for eating out of the pan.