Playlist for a Long Fall Drive

One of my favorite things to do on an early Saturday morning, is hop in the car, stop for coffee (and an apple cider donut) and then take a drive upstate. It’s such a treat to go for a drive on a fall weekend and see all of the leaves changing – it’s truly magical!

What a luxury it is to drive with no destination and no itinerary – with absolutely nothing to do. Let yourself get lost in the hills, find a cute spot to grab a bite to eat, get some fresh air, and go home.

This quarantine is definitely starting to wear on me – it hadn’t been since we had Harper and have been so busy adjusting to life as new parents. We don’t socialize as much, we haven’t been traveling, but these Saturday morning drives have been breathing life into my weekend.

I’ve found that music has been helping a lot to set the tone for us – for our day during the week, for our mood. I’m all about a good playlist for a drive – always changing up the music depending on the season.

Quarantine is weird, isn’t it – you kind of feel like you’re home “doing nothing,” but then you take a step back and realize how busy you are. It’s a constant cycle of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, cleaning more, cooking more. Meetings and emails. All while being home “doing nothing.” But a slow weekend – not even necessarily a lazy one – a slow weekend is really helping me savor this fall season.

It’s been nice to take a break, slow down and just enjoy. It’s fun to explore when we typically save exploring for traveling. It’s fun to be able to soak up and savor the moments with our little family.

Thanksgiving Playlist

The food is bought and prepped. The table is set. The wine is chilled. The turkey is roasting away in the oven. Don’t forget about the music!

Here’s our Thanksgiving 2018 playlist. If you follow it on your own Spotify, you can ask Alexa to play it by just saying, “Alexa, play my Thanksgiving 2018 playlist on Spotify!”

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


the perfect october playlist

something you may not know about me, or you might, is that i love music. i mean LOVE it. all caps – that kind of love. i love exploring new bands, albums, genres. if it’s got a beat, i’ll probably like it.

so, i’ve curated a list of fantastic songs that just sound like fall to me and really round out a weekend. listen to it in the order that this playlist has been made in. i worked really hard on it to have good transitions. and if this isn’t totally your cup of tea, give it a shot. you never know, it might surprise you!

you can subscribe to the spotify playlist here.

have a great weekend, pups!


1. zz ward – put the gun down

2. fun. – some nights

3. the wallflowers – reboot the mission

4. needtobreathe – drive all night

5. delta rae – bottom of the river

6. eric church – creepin’

7. the lumineers – ho hey

8. little big town – tornado

9. grace potter & the nocturnals – stars

10. brandi carlile – that wasn’t me

11. ray lamontagne – for the summer

12. jason mraz – i won’t give up