holiday gift guide series: the fitness junkie

i’m pretty sure all of us have that one friend who’s a total fitness junkie. and let’s admit it, we wish we could be more like them! gift giving for this friend can be so simple – give them something they would appreciate for their workouts! try headphones, a great water bottle or workout gear.

here are some of my picks for this year:

holiday gift guide: fitness junkie

holiday gift guide series: the blogger

welcome to this year’s gift guide series! we’re starting today with the blogger. these picks would also be great for the best friend, too! stay tuned over the next few days for gift guides from the best friend, to the men, to the grandparents to the pets!

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holiday gift guide: blogger

gifts for men

when you need to buy a gift for the man who-has-everything (love you pops) or the man who-buys-what-he-wants-when-he-wants-it (love you hunny), it can be a challenge. you search and search for that one “thing” that would be perfect for the occasion. a shirt? really (really) nice denim? a wallet? cuff links?

it’s been done. and then it sits in the closet. or dresser. it doesn’t go anywhere – it’s not consumed and enjoyed. that’s why i love to gift consumable gifts with a “leave behind,” if you will. think of it as purchasing a really fantastic bottle of wine and gifting it with two beautiful wine glasses – the glasses are a leave behind. the leave behind becomes a smaller token of the experience you gave.

i love the idea of gifting cigars for my boyfriend. he’s really into them, but i know they can be expensive. purchasing 3 of his favorite, or of something he wants to try but wouldn’t buy himself would be a great gift. then you can up the ante with a funny or personalized lighter and a nice cigar cutter (note: spend the extra few dollars on a good cigar cutter for him. even if you don’t go as far as getting a personalized cutter, he’ll appreciate that it’s not going to break, and he probably won’t buy anything more than a $3 cutter for himself, anyway).

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walnut animal society – i die.

so i don’t usually write about kids’ toys or rooms or clothes – simply because i don’t have kids. but some of you might, and some of my friends do now, or have a little one on the way (yay, liz!), so i just couldn’t resist sharing the walnut animal society with you. these precious stuffed animals are unique and handmade and just buy one, ok? they’re fab (no, they did not ask me to write this, i did not get paid to write about them, blah blah blah). just do it.