Wild Flower Arrangement

I can’t tell you how much I love fresh flowers. I day dream about running through fields of wild flowers bursting with colors so naturally I need flowers in the house at all times. All over the place.

These are actually not wild flowers, but all different types of filler flowers from Trader Joe’s. They really have the best price on flowers if your heart isn’t set on a specific bloom.

It’s so easy to put together a beautiful stunning flower arrangement from grocery store flowers. My first tip, don’t over think it!


geronimo balloons, confetti system, DIYs and big plans for 2012

the end of 2011 brought a lot of inspiration for me and had me thinking a lot about the future of this blog and what i want to get out of this experience. for me, this has been a place about beautiful things, the things that inspire me. i want this blog to be a place where i build off my theory of decorating – that your life is a collection of layers – the idea that your life is a curation.

you collect things and people and memories and you put them in a place – in your home, in your heart, maybe on facebook, maybe on a blog.

so with this little dose of enlightenment, i bring you my current obsessions, geronimo balloons and confetti system, and let you know that there are changes coming for this blog this year. we’re redesigning your entire experience at her long way home and rethinking the editorial calendar to bring you what you want out of this blog and what i need out of this blog.

you can expect to see a lot of DIY projects, reviews, blogger interviews and guest posts,and of course design and fashion inspiration. you can even expect to see some actual food posts this year. above all you’ll really get to see me, the things that are important to my life and i hope that you’ll join me on this journey and that you’ll enjoy the ride taking the long way with me.

and remember dolls, every day is cause to celebrate!

get the look: virginia macdonald

sometimes design can be overwhelming. but if you take an inspirational photo and break it down piece by piece it’s definitely attainable, and often at a much lower cost than the magazines and online rags we all drool over.

i stumbled upon this photo by photographer virginia macdonald featured on desire to inspire yesterday and fell in love immediately. i love the layered look, plus it’s light and airy and a little sassy with that punch of leopard print. at the end of the day though, you can break this overall vibe down into 5 essential pieces and then layer on top of that with light and airy pieces of art (and a good dose of white paint).

for product info please click here.

lust vs. must, urn table lamps

restoration hardware never fails to impress me – i walk in the store and i long to take everything home with me. i especially love their lighting – and, no pun intended here, but the lightness of some of their table lamps.

particularly, i love the palladian crystal urn lamp. but with a heftier price tag ($455 without the shade or lightbulb) it’s just not in my price range. enter (i know, again!) amazon. there’s a solution to everything on amazon. and for this we have lamps plus possini crystal urn table lamp (with a more reasonable price tag of $179…it’s on sale right now, so chop chop).

restoration hardware vs. an amazon find ($500 vs. $180!)

lust vs. must, vintage style suitcases

i’ve been seeing a lot of high end inspiration so as i’ve begun to scheme plan the design for my next home (aka apartment). i always find myself highly inspired by the finer things in life that come with extraordinarily overbearing price tags. enter amazon. (and no, this is not a sponsored post)…

amazon is a wonderful thing. you can seriously find just about anything – i’m not even kidding. if you’re looking for something, and can’t find it, let me know, i’ll find it for you.

so there are these trunks at restoration hardware. and i love the overall idea of them (and fall in love with photos that show use of vintage suitcases). they are a little pricey and not exactly the look i’m going for. so enter amazon. where i find something that is in line with my intentions for my living room and doesn’t break the bank. we’re talking 3 of these that fit my style for the cost of one of restoration’s.

what’s your best lust vs. must?

restoration hardware: lust
amazon suitcases: must

ps – for a look more similar to the restoration ones (i’m going for very light, and metallic) check out these trunks