ladies who brunch

i love brunch and late summer is my favorite time to host. i think brunches are so lovely and relaxed when you can be outside, especially when the weather starts to break. this weekend will be a little cooler than the 100 degree weekends we had in july so i thought it was the perfect time to host a brunch. here are a few tips on pulling off a seamless and seemingly simple brunch…

ladies who brunch

1. send an invite! it makes your event feel a little more special than a text, “hey u want 2 come ovr 4 brunch?” (ps i hope none of you really abbreviate like that). i love paperless post for this. try it out if you haven’t already.

2. cute plates! i am happy to report i do have a cabinet full of fun dishes – i like to mix things up, so i have a variety of patterns and colors that can suit any occasion. i do love these polka dot dishes from anthro. might have to pick up a few!

3. a signature drink. this is a blood orange mimosa, but bellinis are my usual go to. just peach juice and your favorite champagne!

4. a breezy dress that’s easy to throw on to run to the market first thing in the morning, but dressy enough to wear through brunch. i love this one from calypso st. barth.

5. a simple pair of sandals that will take you from those early morning errands through until clean up. don’t wear a pair that aren’t comfy! i love these simple joie sandals. i need them in every color.

6. salads. prep your ingredients the night before when possible. they are easy to eat and look so pretty on the table. try this watermelon feta salad. i love having a wheat berry salad to compliment on the side – i love the different texture and the nuttiness. ask your ladies to bring pretty pastries for a sweet treat. simple eggs and homemade bread for toast all come together for a nice light brunch!

7. cute napkins in pretty colors. or prints. or pretty paper napkins in a pretty print – what?! yes. just go the one extra step to have a pretty napkin. it can really bring the whole table together.

and 8. the tip that isn’t in the picture, but it is. stick with a certain color palette. you can let your invite lead you! if your invite has red, try to pull that color through your event, even in little ways. accentuate it with complimenting colors. be sure your food is bright – nobody likes a dull colored brunch, everything you taste with your eyes just feels blah!

be sure to share your tips in the comments and feel free to tweet/instagram/email me pictures of your brunch! or just invite me. i know a great little pastry shop…

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