Homemade Beignets

You know when you are so sick and you want to do certain things but just cannot muster up the energy? Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling since last week! And I have less energy today than I did over the weekend when I made these beignets. But don’t worry, I’m crawling right back into bed after this.

I really was going to make beignets from scratch, I swear. And as often as I won’t let a recipe intimidate me, making a yeasted dough while sick was just too much!

So guys, I phoned it in. I went to World Market and bought a box of Cafe du Monde’s beignet mix (and coffee). I mean, when you’re entertaining you don’t have to make everything from scratch anyway. So I’m just being real! And when you read the instructions, all you have to add is water? So much easier.

Okay, it’s really not as simple as “just add water.” You will also need a hunch of flour for rolling, like at least one whole cup of flour to roll. And you’ll need to heat up some oil for frying.

When I was making these, I did end up having to try two batches of the dough. The first was a total fail. Like right into the trash almost cried and quit kind of fail. I think the dough was too wet, so the second batch I added a little more mix than suggested and came out with a more shaggy mixture. Not sure that’s what you need but hey, they puffed when they fried and that’s what I was looking for.

Once they’re fried you let them drain on some paper towels. When they’re still warm, but cooled enough to touch, you dredge them in powdered sugar. I will say, using a fresh box of powdered sugar will give you the best flavor. Regardless, if you use whatever you’ve got in your cabinet it will work!

Also, I discovered you can keep these warm in the oven at 180°. I actually kept them warm with the sugar on them and then just dredged again for a fresh coat when our friends came over. If you wanted to make them ahead, I would fry, drain the oil, keep warm in the oven, and then dredge in the powdered sugar.

When all is said and done, I gotta tell you, it’s so easy to grab a box and fry these up for a Mardi Gras party! It’s worth it and really does feel like you’re bringing a piece of New Orleans home with you!

Okay, now I’m crawling back into bed. Xoxo

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