happy food – why you should buy grass-fed beef

so, i used to be vegan. i was vegan for a year for several reasons that i won’t get into here – another time, promise. it was a fantastic lifestyle for me but one that i felt restricted my cooking and i truly love to cook, so i slowly weaned myself back onto a diet that included more meat and dairy. i do still have slight vegan tendencies, and if you’re vegan, hey more power to ya! maybe someday i’ll join you again.

so i was reading an eat this, not that newsletter today and stumbled across grass-fed beef. this one slide reads:

Animals raised on grass pastures boast much higher levels of healthy conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA), a “happy” fat that combats stress hormones and blasts belly fat. Grass-fed beef also has a lower overall fat count and contains higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to grain-feed beef. Another great grass-fed option: lamb. It’s packed with iron, a nutrient vital for a stable mood (the areas of the brain related to mood and memory contain the highest iron concentrations).

i could go on and on about why i purchase grass-fed anything – for starters our bodies don’t digest corn well and many cows in the industrial farming industry are fed corn – they too cannot process corn well. and then it gets into this whole animal abuse thing that’s pretty gross. and the actual farming process that is pretty gross.

but i digress.

grass-fed beef tastes so much better – i swear (as well as grass-fed cow’s milk). it’s a more natural farming process. the cows are happier (which means you aren’t eating their stress or anxiety or adrenaline). you are happier. and it’s an overall healthier choice than the meats pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and grains and/or corn.

just do it 🙂

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