Chocolate Covered Clementines with Maldon Salt

This time of year, I go all in on the clementines! I love that the winter is a time for citrus to shine. I also go all in on the quick and easy treats, like these chocolate covered clementines. I actually will confess to you – these are tangerines. Trader Joe’s ran out of clems!

You know from my “recipe” for no-bake shortbread cookies, I love a good, easy, quick hack for a treat. All you need is the chocolate hard shell – this one is my favorite, and some Maldon salt. The salt flake is the key. Y’all know how much I love salt, and I take it very seriously. When you finish a dessert with salt, you want a large flake and the Maldon flakes are the best.

Growing up, my mom Santa dropped a clementine in the bottom of my Christmas stocking. It was always the last thing to pull out, and smells and tastes like Christmas morning to me. Now, I stick one in hubby’s stocking every year and next year we’ll stick one in Baby’s stocking!

Chocolate Dipped Clementines with Maldon Salt

One of the quickest treats you’ll ever put on a dessert table! This comes together with minimal effort and just 3 ingredients.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins


  • 1/4 container Dulci Frutta or other chocolate hard shell
  • 3-5 clementines
  • Maldon salt, for garnish


  • Peel 3-5 clementines, or as many as you want! 
  • Melt the Dulci Frutta or chocolate hard shell according to the package instructions. (I use a double boiler since we do not have a microwave, which works as long as you make sure you don’t get any water in the chocolate.)
  • Working quickly, dip 5 wedges in the chocolate and then sprinkle on the salt before the shell hardens. 
  • Repeat with remaining wedges.
  • Once hardened, refrigerate until serving or leave at room temp (the chocolate shell hardens so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated if you are short on space!)

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