3 Souvenirs from Paris

Do you have a type of souvenir you always bring home from a trip? Any time we travel, I typically bring back three things: local salt (because I’m obsessed with salt like there’s a salt shortage); a Christmas ornament; a piece of art from a local artist. When we started planning our trip to Paris, I knew I would have to bring back salt, but then the list started to grow. I wanted to bring honey, mustard, jellies and jams…but I have to say, I’m proud of myself for really sticking to our traditional purchases.

Next time though, it’s game time. I’m bringing an extra suitcase just for honey, mustard, jellies and jams. Anyway, this time I did pick up two things I don’t normally gravitate towards, plus some art that we’ll share when it is done being framed and of course a Christmas ornament. Okay, I brought back two Christmas ornaments – one from Versailles and one from Notre Dame. But food is more interesting, anyway!