Baby’s First Easter Basket

Harper’s first Easter is going to be a strange one with this quarantine. I wasn’t going to do an Easter basket this year (she’s a newborn, so who’s going to open it?!). But as the holiday comes closer I started to feel like she needed – needed – an Easter basket. I guess I needed her to have one to find some kind of normal, and start our own traditions as a new family.

For Harper’s basket, I took the approach of “something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.” I *tried* not to go crazy, which, let’s be honest is such a challenge with baby anything.

Nursery Inspiration (& a Little Sneak Peak)

This whole being pregnant thing has felt incredibly surreal – even though we are under two months away from meeting this little bundle of joy. In fact, it still doesn’t feel real! Decorating the nursery has for sure started to make this sink in a little bit, and has definitely been fun!

Our whole house has taken on a neutral palette, sticking with blues, grays, neutral tones, whites and lots of texture. I knew I wanted the same for baby’s nursery, especially since we don’t know the gender and won’t until he or she arrives (my money is on he!).

Styled Snapshots’ nursery was one of the first I pinned that really captured the whole vibe we wanted to run with. I can’t wait to share the finished room in the next few weeks! I just love the combo of colors and textures – it feels sophisticated enough to go with the rest of our house but not to sweet.