french macaroons

french macaroons. they seriously elude me.

i’ve always wanted to blog about food (just can’t get any appetizing pictures out of my cooking) – i’m actually a pretty awesome cook. i always say that i should have gone to culinary arts school. i love experimenting with food and trying new recipes – even if they fail, it’s always a learning experience, but most importantly it’s an opportunity for me to be creative.

the one thing that has always eluded me is the macaroon. they are so delicate, and so beautiful. but they terrify me. so perhaps this weekend will the the weekend i take my first foray into french macroons.

what about you? have you tried making them? do you just LOVE them?

not just pocket knives

when i think of swiss army, i think of pocket knives. i think of my nephew saying, oh aunt hailey check this out! i think of cub scouts learning how to fend for themselves in the wild. i also think laptop cases. i typically would not consider them for knives.

but you should.

i love color, especially in my kitchen tools. i absolutely love to cook but bright colored tools make it even more fun. enter the swiss army utility knife. no – it’s not a pocket knife – it’s the perfect every day pairing knife. and it’s pink to boot!

swiss army knife


i used the knife to make a fantastic roasted red pepper and tomato soup – it was definitely handy to have this in my arsenal. i wanted to show you guys step by step pictures of this recipe from cookie and kate, but we didn’t get that far. we did, however, finish the whole batch. another time, then. for now, run along and purchase this knife!