Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Must Haves

Okay, y’all! I was poking around for a new baking dish because my 9×13 broke and I just realized there are SO many great finds in the Bed Bath & Beyond sale that goes until 4/12. Some of my favorite things in my kitchen are on big time sale!

  1. This multi cooker crock pot – it can be a pressure cooker or a crock pot, and when you have it in crock pot mode you can use the glass lid. Love a good multi-use appliance, especially for those of us with limited kitchen storage! $40 off!
  2. Kitchen utensil set – sometimes ya just need a refresh, and this has all the essentials. $15 off!
  3. Emeril’s Air Fryer – okay, so we’ve not been eating super well this quarantine and we’re trying to get. it. together. I’ve been wanting an air fryer and at $40 off mama’s feeling like it’s time to pull the trigger on it!
  4. A polymarble cutting board – chic! It’s $3 off (ha), but it’s only $12, this feels like a must have! This is a great dupe of a real marble cutting board (which are expensive and stupidly heavy).
  5. Staub braiser – I have so many pieces of Staub, they’re my favorite (just know they’re also v heavy) and they’ll last you forever if you take care of them. One piece I don’t have is a braiser and I’ve had my eye on this one FOREVER. $90 off.
  6. A hand mixer – if you don’t have room for a stand mixer, you have to have one of these! $15 off.
  7. My stand mixer is $100 off! $100 off!!!!
  8. This pot set is looking mighty fine considering how much pasta we have been making. I’ve always wanted the pot with a strainer insert. $10 off, which makes it about $35!.
  9. A toaster oven! – We don’t have one and with a new baby, eventually we’ll want one. $84 off!
  10. Immersion blender – every kitchen needs one, especially if you like to make soups! And if you don’t have room for a food processor, this is a great tool to make hummus. $15 off.

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