Wild Flower Arrangement

I can’t tell you how much I love fresh flowers. I day dream about running through fields of wild flowers bursting with colors so naturally I need flowers in the house at all times. All over the place.

These are actually not wild flowers, but all different types of filler flowers from Trader Joe’s. They really have the best price on flowers if your heart isn’t set on a specific bloom.

It’s so easy to put together a beautiful stunning flower arrangement from grocery store flowers. My first tip, don’t over think it!


I like to combine a few types of flowers and filler stems in an arrangement, especially a wild flower inspired one! What you want to do is vary the size and texture of your stems. So big flower and a petite flower, big leaves, small leaves, etc.

Next, pick your vessel. I found this cute little gathering bucket at target ($3!!!) so I put a wine glass inside, since the bucket has holes. Next, you’ll want to separate your flowers and stems. Doing this gives you far more control of your arrangement and is that ah-ha secret of making your grocery store flowers look amazing.


Trim your stems according to how you want them to fall out of your vessel. Less is more! Only trim a little at a time. Every once in a while I trim mine all wrong (eh hem, over confident!) and end up having to change my vase.

You want to alternate how you’re arranging the flowers and stems, keeping in mind odd numbers! If you’re doing a medium sized arrangement like this one, work with 3 or 5 stems of a single bloom at once.

And be sure to keep spinning your arrangement around so you can see how the whole arrangement is coming together – you want to be sure to work all angles, not just the front.

I used:

Yellow Aster

Purple Aster

Boxwood (I’m obsessed)

Baby’s Breath


Play with colors and textures, flowers, leaves, berries, anything! Grab what you like and work it. If you have extra, put smaller arrangements around the house. I ended up with a bunch of extra baby’s breath that I put in the living room and bathroom.

What are your favorite flowers for arrangements?!

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