7 Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

Just the other day, hubby and I were both agreeing how much we love Christmas stockings – we both think they’re the best part of Christmas! It’s so fun to see a bunch of little things that *Santa* knows you’ll love.

Since we’ve been married, our tradition has been to focus on the stocking and we gift each other something for the house. This year, we upgraded our gas fireplace insert to look like an actual fire. Our old one looked like a little camp fire. (PS totally worth it! We’ve used the fireplace a whole lot more in the past few weeks than we had the old one in the past few years.)

I think the key to stocking stuffers, and really any good gift, is something the person will love but wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. (I know, you all know I would totally buy myself great salt, but the little pinch pots are a must. have.!)

Here are my top picks for stocking stuffers for the foodie in your life:

  1. Cheers cocktail sticks – perfectly festive for the holidays and great for year round, too!
  2. Le Creuset spatula – this was so top of mine for me since I really (really) need a refresh on some of these kinds of tools in my kitchen.
  3. Rub Away – every kitchen needs this, even if you aren’t a self described foodie. You use this when you chop onions or garlic and can’t get the smell off your hands – works like a charm!
  4. Maldon Salt pinch tins – I cannot go anywhere without these, am constantly refilling them, and hubby cannot stand when I whip these out at a restaurant. Sorry, table salt just doesn’t cut it. You can pair these with a big ol’ container of the good stuff, too! (PS get me that big ol’ container of Maldon, and you’ll be on my nice list forever and ever!)
  5. Hot sauce – this is my favorite! I scooped it up in a mini set in Mexico last year and was so happy to find it again.
  6. Silicone drinking straws – yes please! These come in a set of 12 and includes a pouch and cleaner and I love them!
  7. A small knife sharpener – perfect for the novice sharpener or owner of a kitchen with limited storage. Sharpening knives is KEY to the longevity AND safety of a knife!

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