5 things to make this weekend

by make i mean cook. yes, you, even if you hate to cook i say have at it this weekend. try it. try something new. i find it so relaxing to take a recipe and build something with my hands from scratch – especially when it doesn’t involve glue or nails or a hammer. plus, it can be so rewarding when you get to nourish your loved ones.

when i started herlongwayhome, it was always with the intention of taking the long way to do things. take the long way – get this – home. you see things you’ve never seen before, you relax, you enjoy life, you hear great music that you would’ve missed if you were already home. take the long way with a recipe and make things from scratch. above all else, enjoy the ride home – wherever that is and whatever it means to you and whatever it looks like. savor every moment of your life.

so here are 5 recipes i’m loving and want to try. pick one and share your pictures with me! pop onto my instagram account to keep up with all my cooking adventures this weekend and i’ll be sure to follow you and keep up with yours!


english muffins, via here

roasted chickpeas for a quick snack

pressed veggie sandwiches

baked brie bites (add a dash of honey – omg!)

and finally, no bake oatmeal squares

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