5 Favorite Foodie Movies

  • Chef This one is probably my all time favorite, and chock full of food porn. That cacio e pepe and mojo….and the soundtrack is one of my favorites! I have watched this one more times than I will ever care to admit. If you haven’t seen it, highly recommend. It’s my #2 favorite movie of all time (second to Father of the Bride, obviously).
  • Julie & Julia is just so cute. I love the premise of the movie (read the book if you haven’t!). It’s a movie that always reminds me to try new things in the kitchen and get out of my comfort zone – practice, practice, practice – and if it doesn’t turn out okay, it doesn’t turn out okay – there’s always pizza.
  • Burnt. Well Bradley Cooper is in this one, so kind of enough said. But I love the trajectory of his character, struggling personally, and rises from the ashes to get his Michelin stars. Must watch.
  • Chocolat. Have you ever wanted a hot chocolate so badly?
  • Big Night. If you have Prime, it’s included in your membership, so go watch! That timpano, y’all. I made it a few years ago for Christmas Eve – you have to, have to watch this movie to fully appreciate it. Must watch – plus who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci (who is on this list twice!).

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