3 Favorite Target Candles for the Holiday Season

Come November 1, I am ready for the holidays. I really love this time of year – there’s something about it that’s still magical, no matter how old I am. And one thing I’m totally a sucker for is a great holiday scented candle – especially when it means making the house festive before it’s appropriate to put up a tree!

This year, I have a few scents that work together around the house: the kitchen, the family room, when you first walk in to our home, and the bathroom. Here are my three favorites from Target this season!

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia’s Sugared Birch is a must have – it totally smells like Christmas! I went for the largest size in the kitchen and popped it in this little basket from their line, too. Every season I swap out a candle in the basket. (PS I have the large size of the basket that I use to hold a few cookbooks!)

Sugared Birch is also available in a green apothecary style jar that I love, a 6 oz amber jar, a silver container, a white ceramic container, a 4 oz mini tin (hey stocking stuffer idea!), and a blue ceramic container I also love.

This Whiskey + Oak candle sits in our family room and is the first scent you smell when you walk into the house. It feels a little apple-y to me, and I love it! I actually grabbed it in October and have been burning it ever since.

Sadly, this specific black container is no longer available, but it comes in a 6.5 oz black jar, an amber jar, a 2.3 oz tin with two wicks, and a large amber jar with a three crackling wicks.

I literally cannot pull through a season to our bathroom – always requires a seasonal candle, like this mini tin in Silver Pine and a seasonal guest napkin. You should see the stash of guest napkins!

Silver Pine also comes in an 8 oz glass jar, 29 oz (!) frosted glass container, and a glass cloche that I love for a gift idea!


  1. Love your candle inspiration.

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